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Going to give this a try soon.

“Who needs Snapchat?” #shitpamsays

❄️🐕 🏃🏼‍♂️winter dog park.

shabbat Shalom, Pam. Noice!

“Christmas hints? I just add stuff to your Amazon shopping cart, Miguel.” #shitpamsays

Maxi “amending” his Christmas list. Life was simpler before these kids learned to Google.

“Mr. Borges, why you take my Pokémon?”

“That little Miata just ran a stop sign. If he hits a patch of ice, b’y, he’s gone.” #shitpamsays

A majority of conversations in this family are about bangs. Is this normal?

“Let your backbone slide.” #shitpamsays

Santa’s sombrero.

Checking to see what Pam is making for supper.

Leaning about IFTTT.

“They’re spinning out ‘cause they gives it too much gas, b’y.” #shitpamsays

“You’ll eat anything. You’re like a gull.” #shitpamsays

Waiting for samples.

So this is why they say “dial” a number.

Maxi the navigator 👨‍✈️

“I don’t speak Swedish.” #shitpamsays

What do you mean, roosters don’t lay eggs?

What do you mean, “nice costume”? I’m not wearing a costume.

My Halloween 3D print.

“If you lived in Portugal, Miguel, you would feel tall.” #shitpamsays

Praia de Mira, Barrinha from above. See you in 8 months :-(

Latest 3D print — little Mac Classic charging stand for Apple Watch.

Hot Dog!

Still not a hotdog.

Making Maxi’s Tinker Crate catapult game.

“Another Shep Pettibone remix.” #shitpamsays

360 no scope!

Xavier, Fall 2017

Maxi, Fall 2017

Carmen, Fall 2017

My 3D printer. Or as my kids know it, the Pokémon making device.

Xavier’s weekend outfit.

Maxi in VR. Can we get one of these at home, Dad?

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

“I spilled the beans this morning.” #shitpamsays

“Tom Perry’s not dead? He’s just down to his one headlight.” #shitpamsays

Carmen is my 3D printer monitor.

“Ramea? Isn’t that a place in Newfoundland?” #shitpamsays

How my day went …

Avenue Coffee with Carmen.

First World Problem: my watch tells me who is about to score, 10 seconds before it happens on the livestream.

“I’m a lumberjack and I sleep all day.” #shitpamsays

Been running this at home for a while now.

Lol :-(

Safekeeping the Premier’s wine. Don’t touch it, Pam.

“Hey Rachel, do you know what ‘girl-crush’ means?” #shitpamsays

Maxi wrote down the name of a game he wants to play on Roblox.

Maxi told me that this book is backward because it’s translated from Japanese.

I think Earl kept mistaking this shadow for a person. A ghost perhaps.

Maxi found a dragonfly.

Finally a projector I can turn on without a remote!

Pam’s new bike.

“Where’s Bo Brady when you need him?” #shitpamsays

Our puppies.

Earl doesn’t hate me anymore.

Walking up the beach

Beach landing

“He was in that old show with the blonde and the advertising.” #shitpamsays (describing “Mad Men”)

Moinhos de Gavinhos

Moinhos de Portela de Oliveira

“That couch cushion is going to have your ass groove soon. I’ll have to rotate the cushions tomorrow.” #shitpamsays

“If she keeps writing like that, she’ll need 10 diaries for just one day.” #shitpamsays

I miss the beach.

Overhead view of Praia de Mira and Barrinha.

More Coimbra.


Dabbing with a spinner shirt on. Just needs that annoying water bottle flip thing to be complete.

Early to the dog park. Before it gets too hot.

Carmen’s whistle.

Parking assistants.

Carmen brings dolls along for “bike practice.”

Maxi is outgrowing his bike.

Pam took a photo of this elusive Portuguese Grumpy Cat, who would keep an eye on us from the rooftops.

Somebody’s trying to tell me something.

Carmen, 2013.

Doing some flying and recording.

Favourite mode of transport on the Barrinha.

Everyone has to get their own IKEA card.

Airport Terraria.

See you next year!

One more statue photo.

My kids came all the way to Portugal to crawl around in the grass looking for four-leaf clovers.

Xavier will miss UCAL.

“I just gotta stop here and get some pokébolas.” #shitpamsays

Uncle Vítor wants to fly away.

Final visit to Decathlon.

I parked under this tree so the car would be in the shade.

“That’s the thing about roosters, Dad. They always wake you up.”

The girls at Corta Sabor.

Xavier, Maxi and Dinis.

Xavier trying a Bola de Berlim

The internet in Casqueira is very fast!

Xavier, Maxi and Jorge on the Barrinha

I hope she doesn’t realize what’s behind her.

“I wonder if she paid full price for that swimsuit? Because she’s missing some of it.” #shitpamsays

Vala das Lavadeiras, Praia de Mira, Portugal

“Alright Corey Hart, watch where you’re walking.” #shitpamsays