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Here’s my instagram coffee photo.

This is some Gravity Falls thing, right?

Protect the dunes.


Old photo found in Casqueira

Something something Danger Zone.

Doing some updates for a client… in the perfect work environment.

Another day is ending

Watching Game of Thrones.

She sells seashells.

Snow in Praia de Mira.

Maxi in Casqueira

Pam went grocery shopping in Casqueira.

Sigh. Spinners.

Pam’s favourite place.

Sneaking a drone flight. Don’t tell anyone.

Twitch twitch.

I love it when Pam paga o café.

“You’re a loud Portuguese drunk, Miguel.” #shitpamsays


Doing some elicit flying at the university of Coimbra.

“If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!”

“Shhhh! This is like being on vacation with a bunch of wildebeests.” #shitpamsays

“I can’t believe you’re googling the height of Magikarp.” #shitpamsays

“Hey Miguel, tomorrow is the procession of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion.” #shitpamsays

July 13, 2017 (9:47 pm)

Our rental car. A bit of a tight squeeze with 5 people. But easy to park.

“Such cute boys hang out here.” #shitpamsays

Morning ritual at Corta Sabor. Except we are late starters. This is around 11:30.

This is what happens with a vertical panoramic.

Pam looks like she’s getting ready to jump in the canal.

“He’s not just a pretty face. He can make a mean galão.” #shitpamsays

“Give me a fino, pá.” #shitpamsays

Panning for beach rocks.

“If you put enough of these together, you can make a gif or a jif or whatever it’s called.” #shitpamsays

Sunny but windy.

Playing a bit of blackjack while waiting for mom to get ready.

Maxi got his own table for Birthday cake.

Portuguese kitchen party

The best Caldo Verde in the world is found in Casqueira.

“I like my coffee ‘Kent’ ” #shitpamsays

Lunch at Pleka bar.

“Maestro Fresh Wes here with the bow tie.” #shitpamsays

“A bit early to be drinking isn’t it b’ys? I suppose it’s 12:00 somewhere in the world.” #shitpamsays

Praia de Mira by drone, Part 1

Maxi enjoying his visit to Marcio & Sylvi’s place.


Translating Portuguese Pokémon cards.

Xavier and his mom.

Perfect location and weather for a drone flight.

Mermaid found on Praia de Mira

Beach girls of Praia de Mira.

Barrinha at sunset.

A great use for Air Canada’s “bread”

Nice hat

“Sometimes I wonders where the kids get it from.” #shitpamsays

At a local restaurant … Xavier: “I wonder what’s downstairs.” Maxi: “The dungeon. Where they keep the bodies of people who starved to death waiting for their food.”

Two of my favourite things.

Praia de Mira

What’s on the menu?

First of many.

Finally made it to Praia de Mira. First stop: Pleka Bar.

Hurry up and wait.

Who are these Stooges you speak of?

We are on the way to Portugal!

I’m on vacation with Stattler and Waldorf.

Pam’s travel shoes.

Shop till you drop.

Greetings from Edmonton, part 2.

Greetings from Edmonton!

“I wish Bono would sing *me* a new song.” #shitpamsays #psalm40 “


Maxi took his shoes off, at least.

Earl is with us. On the road.

“That hoodie has more holes than the Holy Grail.” #shitpamsays

“This Clarence show is like crack for these kids.” #shitpamsays

Last day at work, finishing my last project at Beacon Hill School. See you next year!

Earl loves just sitting around in the grass.

It’s summer vacation. And Carmen is doing math.

Speedtest for a project I’m working on. Remote server farm for a client.

Thanks for a great year!

Last day of school for Xavier!

Rainy day casualty.

I see this in my sleep.

CAT6 connector detail.

Pre-vacation haircut for Maxi.

Animated Gif Test

“The only reason I wear a watch is so I can see my watch tan line.” #shitpamsays

Woah look at you!


Maxi got a medal! See you in Portugal!

Last day of soccer for Maxi too!

The hat really doesn’t help with visibility.

Last day of soccer for Xavi. Heading to Portugal next weekend!

When Carmen exhales, this is what comes out.

At soccer practice.

Maxi loves the “obstacle course” at the dog park.

Sometimes a man has to steal an animatronic badger to stay in this crazy game called life.

“I’m just gonna save my breath. I’ll need it when I’m dying.” #shitpamsays

“A pack of wolves would get rid of him, b’y” #shitpamsays