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Happy Saturday!

White with black stripes or black with white stripes?

Waiting for Mom.

Backyard visitors.

More Dad homework. This was a lot of work just to play a video game!

Looking at Instagram.

I’m sure she will post the photo on Instagram soon.

Fixing a few computers while we are waiting.


Parent-teacher night

MaxiB playing on Dad’s Destiny account.


Another Borges in his natural habitat.


This book rhymes.

Only one of these mannequins has a head.

Typical Borges. Drinking a bowl of water.

Crazy Hair Day

Qu’est-ce qui flotte?

Maxi is 4

School for Maxi

Hiding from Mom with his new iPad.

Another one of those Borges kids.

Typical Borges.

My #1 use for Apple Watch

Saturday afternoon.

Real life Tetris

Maxi is going to school!

For the soccer game today.

Maxi helping Dad.

Not sure what’s going on here.

4-year-old Maxi used the words “O.P.” and “Nerfed” today. Should I be proud or worried?

Pam’s favourite pastime.

Formula 20150815 (Pam)

Formula 20150815

Drill template.

Sheriff Xavier.

Deputy Carmen.

Deputy Maxi.

This is what happens when kids move to Alberta

So serious.

Hi Pam.

Installing cameras.


Photographing Bison

Look at those clouds.

Deck patrol

Yes b’y.

Nice boots

These kids play too many video games.

“Business Travellers” at the airport workstation.

Max at the beach

Kids hijack Siri.


Pier pressure.

Nothing like the Tardis.

Storm clouds over the Savannah.



#InstaDecibel lol.

Pam’s happy place.

Going to watch a soccer game.

Outlets :-(

Superman song. This guy sang a song about all three kids.

On the bus.

Xavier delivering goods.

Xavier in East Africa


(At Disney Animal Kingdom) “Do they have animals here!” #shitpamsays

I’m in the front seat.

Maxi enjoying the Frozen singalong show.

Mr. Fastpass doing some planning.

Take a left here on Charles Bronson Memorial Highway #shitpamsays

Her new dog.

Pam, eating grits.

Pool Party 2

This is a photo of Pam wearing a Stars and Stripes bikini. Unfortunately it is censored because she threatened me with unspeakable revenge.

Pool party

When in Rome?

Bacon Race

So many bite marks.

Travel pillow

Pam was hit by a smooth criminal.

Long trip, eh?

Low maintenance Carmen.

High maintenance row.

Sniffin’ markers

Window seat


Excuse me sir, would got like to earn 1 million Aeroplan miles?

Minecraft Villagers

Off to a great start.

Road trip


Green Ford Truck.


Evidence. Minecraft log of Xavier using my account to give himself op status on our server.

Afternoon nap.

Carmen, packing the important stuff for her trip.

Happy Canada Day!