“That couch cushion is going to have your ass groove soon. I’ll have to rotate the cushions tomorrow.” #shitpamsays

“If she keeps writing like that, she’ll need 10 diaries for just one day.” #shitpamsays

I miss the beach.

Overhead view of Praia de Mira and Barrinha.

More Coimbra.


Dabbing with a spinner shirt on. Just needs that annoying water bottle flip thing to be complete.

Early to the dog park. Before it gets too hot.

Carmen’s whistle.

Parking assistants.

Carmen brings dolls along for “bike practice.”

Maxi is outgrowing his bike.

Pam took a photo of this elusive Portuguese Grumpy Cat, who would keep an eye on us from the rooftops.

Somebody’s trying to tell me something.

Carmen, 2013.

Doing some flying and recording.

Favourite mode of transport on the Barrinha.

Everyone has to get their own IKEA card.

Airport Terraria.

See you next year!

One more statue photo.

My kids came all the way to Portugal to crawl around in the grass looking for four-leaf clovers.

Xavier will miss UCAL.

“I just gotta stop here and get some pokébolas.” #shitpamsays

Uncle Vítor wants to fly away.

Final visit to Decathlon.

I parked under this tree so the car would be in the shade.

“That’s the thing about roosters, Dad. They always wake you up.”

The girls at Corta Sabor.

Xavier, Maxi and Dinis.

Xavier trying a Bola de Berlim

The internet in Casqueira is very fast!

Xavier, Maxi and Jorge on the Barrinha

I hope she doesn’t realize what’s behind her.

“I wonder if she paid full price for that swimsuit? Because she’s missing some of it.” #shitpamsays

Vala das Lavadeiras, Praia de Mira, Portugal

“Alright Corey Hart, watch where you’re walking.” #shitpamsays

“Puxe it real good.” #shitpamsays

Carmen likes saldos too.

Pam “reserving” our parking spot.

“this GPS interrupts more than that interrupting cow joke.” #shitpamsays

I’m sure we can fit Derek’s bike into the rental car.

At the Moinhos

Estação de Aveiro

São Bento

Hello from the Douro river!

What’s up with the bag of corks?

Carmen doesn’t like this bridge.

“Love locks? What a waste of a perfectly good padlock.” #shitpamsays

We are in Porto today.

“I don’t give out instagram hearts willy-nilly. They have to be earned.” #shitpamsays

These fish are smart.

Pam wants to go to the Cafe.

A late brunch with the family.

Maxi’s new SCP hat. Thanks Tia São.


“You’re taking your life into your own hands, buddy.” #shitpamsays


My drone bag looks like a typical European man purse. Blends in nicely.

“Max, you don’t need sunglasses, the sun is going down.” “I don’t care, I just want to look cool.”

Permission to buzz the tower.


Pam and Carmen.

Hotdog or not?

Bacalhau and Vinho Tinto.

X in the sky.

Cafe, Natas, and A Bola. Or as some call it “Ebola”

“Did they stop making Smack and a Half? I really liked those.” #shitpamsays

Trying Caracois at the Pleka Bar.

Barrinha fishing

The b’ys are doing some fishing.

Typical morning.

Carmen is the boss of me.

Shopping …

Xavier and his robot friend.

Trying to beat the speed record before the end of the month.

Nice shirt Maxi.

DJI Mavic Pro Active Track works great on surfers.

Here’s my instagram coffee photo.

This is some Gravity Falls thing, right?

Protect the dunes.


Old photo found in Casqueira

Something something Danger Zone.

Doing some updates for a client… in the perfect work environment.

Another day is ending

Watching Game of Thrones.

She sells seashells.

Snow in Praia de Mira.

Maxi in Casqueira

Pam went grocery shopping in Casqueira.

Sigh. Spinners.

Pam’s favourite place.

Sneaking a drone flight. Don’t tell anyone.

Twitch twitch.

I love it when Pam paga o café.

“You’re a loud Portuguese drunk, Miguel.” #shitpamsays


Doing some elicit flying at the university of Coimbra.

“If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!”