The Mentos-in-Diet-Coke thing

am bought the kids some science experiment stuff. By far the most popular was the ‘drop Mentos into Diet Coke’ one.

They tried to catch the raining soda in their cups. ’cause you know… free coke!

Maxi versus Speech Recognition

Maxi watches his older siblings talking to the iPad all the time, so he figures he can do it too.

He’s looking to watch “The Diamond Minecart” guy’s videos.

Little Red Riding Hood

Carmen says she’s Little Red Riding Hood, without the cape.


Mancave? More like Kidcave.

Our new house as a “mancave” — a big shed that I thought was going to be my hangout. You know, with a projector to watch soccer games, and fully wired with CAT6 for tech stuff.

Turns out the kids use it a lot more than I do.

Happy Birthday Maxi!